Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#982 – Hazel Tucker
#982 - Hazel Tucker

Hazel first approached us via email in 2008 and unbeknownst to me, she’d also been in touch with Buddy Wood.  In practically no time, she was out to California and in with the Wood.   It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 6 yrs since those first sets ­ but when they went up, they went […]

#983 – Jenna Rachels
#983 - Jenna Rachels

Jenna is a model who has grown on me over the few years she’s been working with us.  Not that she wasn’t fabulous looking in her very first Buddy Wood shoot back in April 2011 for but she’s developed and changed into one hell of a porn star and has a unique and awesome […]

#984 – Morgan Bailey
#984 - Morgan Bailey

#984 Morgan Bailey She’s awesome … ’nuff said? Probably not because as awesome as Morgan is, she’s rarely recognised for being the performer she is. At 7ft 10, she’s one of the taller girls in TS porn but pulls off the femininity easily.  Although you’ll spot her glammed up on occasion and certainly in shoots, […]

#985 – Jessica Fox
#985 - Jessica Fox

Why not continue with our Native American beauties?  Are you going to get tired of me stating, “I love this model” by the end of this thread … but Jessica Fox, I love this model! She’ll probably not thank me for saying so but as gorgeous and as stunning as she is as a the […]

#986 – Carmen Moore
#986 - Carmen Moore

I don’t think it will be any great secret when the small group of Native American girls that Carmen is part of, all appear in this list as I’ve made no qualms over the years of saying how much I like them but Carmen Moore was the first of that group and dare I say, […]

#987 Amber Skye
#987 Amber Skye

If you want a girl with a lot of personality look not further – but be careful what you wish for, she bites back! After making an inauspicious debut on Black-Tgirls in 2009, it wasn’t until she re-appeared in 2011 in shoots by Remy (and in a slightly altered form) that her true beauty began […]

#988 – Tia
#988 - Tia

Something tells me there will be a lot of Hawaiian girls featuring in this list.  Living in Hawaii for over 10 yrs was a unique and fantastic experience.  I moved there shortly after the sites started becoming very popular and set up a tgirl cam company in Hawaii – so was lucky enough to meet […]

#989 – Dominique
#989 - Dominique

Bringing it up to date a bit with a Las Vegas girl who just made her first appearance towards the end of 2011.  I believe Dominique’s only worked for Grooby (I could be wrong) but I really dig her look.  I’ve always been a sucker for a good smile and Dominique certainly has one of […]

990 – Sayuri
990 - Sayuri

Sayuri is possibly one of the most beautiful girls we’ve photographed. She’s a big name show dancer in Japan and many Japanese rate her as the most beautiful new-half in their country. She’d never posed nude or worked for any type of adult company before this but the idea of being presented to the rest […]

#991 – Estella
#991 - Estella

Two sets in 2004 and she’s gone.  If I’d known at the time that’s all we were going to be able to get from the lovely Estella I would have gotten her to a better photographer and ensured we could get some more sets of her. I thought this was one of the prettiest girls […]

#992 – Cindy
#992 - Cindy

I could probably fill a good bit of the 1000 girls with Thai ladyboys as I used to spend so much time working there (I was the first person to go to Thailand to shoot ladyboys specifically for the internet as far back as 1997) but because of the lack of paperwork gathering in those […]

#993 – Jolie
#993 - Jolie

Here is a model who hasn’t been seen for sometime, Joely from NYC. She’s still featuring in the Top 100 models on Shemale Yum (currently number 61) which considering we haven’t seen her since 2005, is quite a feat. I seem to remember Joely appearing in a Joey Silvera movie at some point but can’t […]