Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#987 Amber Skye

If you want a girl with a lot of personality look not further – but be careful what you wish for, she bites back!
After making an inauspicious debut on Black-Tgirls in 2009, it wasn’t until she re-appeared in 2011 in shoots by Remy (and in a slightly altered form) that her true beauty began to show and her confidence as a model grew into the woman she is now.
I’ve had my ups and downs with Amber with a good few online fights but nevertheless have always been a fan and she is one of the few models I’d love to go for a beer with (and have those disagreements out face to face).

Her ass should be immortalized in the Hall of Fame it’s so good! Her perky boobs are perfect and her really does a great job in the hardcore scenes.

I’m a fan of her look as she’s the type I’d go for but it’s the overall package that I like the most – the look, the personality, the confidence to show herself outside what most tgirl models would find comfortable (the short hair scenes were loved by many but hated by some).

She’s a cool girl and we love having her at Grooby. Watch for some Black-Tgirls updates soon.







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