Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#987 Amber Skye
#987 Amber Skye

If you want a girl with a lot of personality look not further – but be careful what you wish for, she bites back! After making an inauspicious debut on Black-Tgirls in 2009, it wasn’t until she re-appeared in 2011 in shoots by Remy (and in a slightly altered form) that her true beauty began […]

#989 – Dominique
#989 - Dominique

Bringing it up to date a bit with a Las Vegas girl who just made her first appearance towards the end of 2011.  I believe Dominique’s only worked for Grooby (I could be wrong) but I really dig her look.  I’ve always been a sucker for a good smile and Dominique certainly has one of […]

#994 – Katie Coxx
#994 - Katie Coxx

Never met her but loved her since the first photos came in from “Steve in Atl.” of an all-natural, afro’d, funky chick but it wasn’t until “Dirty South” got his paws onto her that she really showed her true beauty. It might be surprising for a guy who loves ass, like myself, to include Katie […]

#998 – Lisa Kage
#998 - Lisa Kage

Before there was BlackTgirls there was Lisa Kage. The first black internet tgirl star? Probably. She was one of the first TS models I’d met (therefore, one of the first transsexuals I’d met) on a trip to meet with Tony Vee in NYC in 1999 and we became friends very quickly and maintained a good […]