Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#994 – Katie Coxx
#994 - Katie Coxx

Never met her but loved her since the first photos came in from “Steve in Atl.” of an all-natural, afro’d, funky chick but it wasn’t until “Dirty South” got his paws onto her that she really showed her true beauty. It might be surprising for a guy who loves ass, like myself, to include Katie […]

#995 – Saigon Lee
#995 - Saigon Lee

I’d seen some photos of Saigon floating around the internet for a while and thought she looked great but she was notoriously difficult to tie down to a shoot and it took a good deal of emails to get her out for lunch. This was in 2001 and the internet and Grooby were still reasonably […]

#996 – Foxxy
#996 - Foxxy

She’s only been shooting since 2004? Why does it seem much longer? Foxxy is super cool. The fact she’s also super cute, got a great laugh, is very down to earth and is a super sexual being means every ounce in her 5ft 2 frame (seriously, 5ft 2!!!) is packed with Latin goodness! I think […]

#997 – Harley Quinn aka Bailey Jay
#997 - Harley Quinn aka Bailey Jay

I didn’t quite know what I had on my hands when Remy delivered the first two sets of Harley Quinn in late summer of 2008. What I did know is that we had an incredibly cute girl who could easily have been a gender girl – and she had a unique look. I immediately put […]

#998 – Lisa Kage
#998 - Lisa Kage

Before there was BlackTgirls there was Lisa Kage. The first black internet tgirl star? Probably. She was one of the first TS models I’d met (therefore, one of the first transsexuals I’d met) on a trip to meet with Tony Vee in NYC in 1999 and we became friends very quickly and maintained a good […]

#999 – Malynda
#999 - Malynda

I loved this model since the first shoots came in, in the summer 2006. I’ve never met her but she just seems so cool, confident, comfortable within herself and I’ve always been a sucker (hey!) for girls in glasses. That long lean and smooth body. Those eyes! We haven’t seen her since 2008 but I […]

#1000 – Joslyn
#1000 - Joslyn

Awwww. One of my babies and possibly one of the models that I’ve worked with the most. Jos came to work with us when she was 18, in Hawaii where we were running a live TS feed and had the Hawaiian-Shemales site which is now defunct (all content got moved to Ladyboy-Ladyboy). She’s shot for […]