Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#982 – Hazel Tucker

Hazel first approached us via email in 2008 and unbeknownst to me, she’d also been in touch with Buddy Wood.  In practically no time, she was out to California and in with the Wood.   It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 6 yrs since those first sets ­ but when they went up, they went viral.  Hazel Tucker WAS the shit.  Hazel Tucker WAS the girl who broke every virtual heart, and brought in many guys to the tgirl world. 

Hazel is one of the (fishiest!) more un-clockable tgirls I’ve ever met, everything about her from her voice, her body shape, her face, her great skin, her hair is girl.   I’ve been out with her on countless occasions in public and have never seen anyone even think she could be T.

Hazel has certainly been one of our most popular models ever.  She’s appeared in 16 sets on Shemale Yum, another 8 on Shemale.XXX, 4 hardcores on Shemale Pornstar as well as appearing on Franks-Tgirlworld and her own DVD, “Hazel Does Hollywood” which is a fun and very sexy DVD about a tgirl coming to California to become a tgirl pornstar (based on reality?  Or not!).    She’s worked for practically every other company but Grooby is her true home ­ because we all adore her.

Hazel’s website launched and ran successfully for a few years at Hazel before she took a sabbatical from the industry, that site now serves as an archive for the dozens of sets she shot for it, as well as every Grooby set she’s appeared in.

Hazel was Buddy Wood’s muse for a long time and it shows in the DVD’s and scenes that they made together, how much fun they had creating new ideas and scenarios.  She’s not only an awesome model ­ and performer, she’s not only a multiple Tranny Awards winner ­ she’s also an awesome girl.

After taking a break, Hazel is back.  Looking like nothing has changed in 8 yrs.  She’s cute and she’s beautiful.  She’s innocent and she’s a vamp.

She’s Hazel Tucker ­ and there can be no other.


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