Grooby's Favorite 1000 Transsexual Models… in no particular order!

#997 – Harley Quinn aka Bailey Jay

I didn’t quite know what I had on my hands when Remy delivered the first two sets of Harley Quinn in late summer of 2008. What I did know is that we had an incredibly cute girl who could easily have been a gender girl – and she had a unique look. I immediately put up a couple of teasers of her, not showing the genitals, on this site … and it went crazy. I didn’t realize that she was an internet sensation already but after a few threatening emails (“If you don’t tell us if she’s a boy of a girl, we’ll bring down your site”) from 4chan and demanding we post the whole set. A few googles and I saw we could have some fun. So after a few weeks of teasing yes she is, no she isn’t, sort of thing, we posted the set to great success.

Bailey shot 14 sets for Shemale Yum and a handful for ShemalePornstar. Personally, and this is not meant to be disrespectful but I believe we have the best scenes of her, in what Remy originally shot, the cos-play stuff and the innocence, playfulness and tease of what she was doing in those shoots. I would have preferred to have seen her continue that a little longer before turning into the beautiful and glamorous woman she now is.

We flew Bailey out for a meeting in 2010 to discuss doing her website but we couldn’t agree on it – nevertheless, I really enjoyed meeting her and spending time with her and I’ve watched brand “Bailey Jay” with interest both as a business from which we’ve done very well and as a fan. In my opinion she’s not a great porn star but she’s a great model, a brand and a big personality.

You can check her out on Shemale Yum and of course, on her own site at Bailey Jay.


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